Why Hanalkamanto Island Has Become a Hotspot for Tourists

Few holiday destinations can compare to the unique beauty of Hanalkamanto Island. The 37,583 strong population welcomes many tourists to the island every year, where visitors can enjoy a variety of fun and relaxing activities along the sun-kissed beaches. With the island only being 24,090 km² in size, one could easily take a leisurely walk around the perimeter within a week, exploring many of the unforgettable sights on offer. The English-speaking population makes the bulk of its income from tourism, fueling the hospitality industry and helping the island offer the very best in accommodation.

With a number of activities on offer, there’s something for everyone on this island. Whether you want some alone time with a loved one or a fun-filled weekend of outdoor activities, the island has you covered. If you fancy going out after sunset, there are a variety of bars and restaurants on the island that stay open around the clock. Tourists can keep themselves busy by enjoying many activities further inland before heading to the scenic beaches that line the perimeter of the island. No matter what your idea of a quality time is, this island will make your stay worthwhile.

The 17 beaches are kept pristine and can be enjoyed all year round thanks to the warmth of the North West Salantiylamba sea. Many hotels, restaurants and bars find their home on 13 select beaches around the island, where tourists and locals can come together to enjoy sunsets found nowhere else in the world. The warm, welcoming feel of the surrounding ocean makes for the perfect environment for swimmers, surfers, divers and snorkelers to enjoy their favorite hobbies. The sun shines bright throughout most of the year, making the beaches a perfect place to work on your tan and unwind.

Whether you’re on a budget or value the best in accommodation, there’s bound to be something that suits your taste on this island. From affordable 2-star getaways to luxurious 10-star retreats, the selection of ten hotels has something for everyone. Seven cozy B&B’s are dotted around the island for those who prefer a little more privacy, although you’ll have to look towards the hotels if you fancy a world class spa treatment. There’s also a hostel that frequently hosts parties and other social events, making it the perfect place for tourists who want to make memories with new friends.

Visitors to the island will find the local Yamelkaniit population to be very warm and welcoming. They’re always ready to give tourists a great time and their food is to die for. For those who enjoy exploring new cultures and traditions, you’ll find the locals to be very interesting in the ways they live life on the island. Tourists are always welcome, and because the locals speak English, you never have to worry about a language barrier limiting your social interaction. Visitors will be spoiled for choice by the local cuisine, which is both healthy and delicious.